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Artist Statement

Notes on Recent Wor

Art is there to poke holes in reality---to let the magic back in.”
                                                                      ---Caroline Casey

 “If I knew the meaning I wouldn’t have to do the work---I could just write it on a card and hand it out.”
                                                                                                                                       ---Laurie Anderson

My work continues to concentrate on developing an awareness of intuition and beauty as a subversive strategy--- as an instrument of seduction, a way of drawing the viewer into a space where one can begin a dialogue and exchange.  The dreamy psychologically-charged human figure has been my primary subject.  I work in a variety of media---oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal, watercolor, and printmaking.  My work is inclusive and paradoxical in scope: using images from everyday life, art history, popular culture, children’s books, patterns, personal symbols, and in some works--- fragments of text and written commentary---mixing and containing the dualities of abstraction and representation, the geometric and the painterly, the graphic and the intensely coloristic.   

Michael Tice
January 2004

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